Saskatoon Cycles to hand out free bike lights

Saskatoon Cycles and Saskatoon Police want to help cyclists save money — and keep safe after dark.

Light Up Your Life campaign encourages safe cycling at night

Saskatoon Cycles and the Saskatoon Police Service are teaming up to hand out lights to cyclists. (CBC)

Cycling advocacy group Saskatoon Cycles and the Saskatoon Police Service want to help cyclists save money — and keep safe after dark. This spring, free bike lights will be handed out as part of a campaign called Light Up Your Life.

"Providing proper lighting for cycles is a simple way to increase visibility on our roads and to promote cycling safety in our community," said Sharon Elder, bike valet coordinator with Saskatoon Cycles.

Under Saskatoon's bike bylaw, a front light and rear reflector or light must be used starting 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise, or any other time when visibility is poor.

Starting Aug. 1, anyone caught in violation will get a $50 ticket ($25 if paid within two weeks).

Elder said research shows that nighttime cycling accidents are more likely to be fatal. Also, cyclists are more than twice as likely to get into a collision at night.