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Saskatoon city council's Executive Committee will meet Monday to discuss a plan that would charge people for recycling services in apartments and other multi-dwelling buildings

Councillors will review a report that would have those who live in apartments and condos pay $2.50 per month for the service. 

"You know the price is quite a bit lower than what is paid in other municipalities," said  Jeff Jorgenson with the city. "And we did look at what some people are paying to private contractors. So I think we just weighed all of those," he said. 

Most houses already have blue bins through a program started two years ago. 

The city has also agreed to contract Cosmo Industries for the apartment and condo recycling program. 

"Is there any science to it? Absolutely not," said Jorgenson. "And if council decides to increase that number or change it in any other way that`ll be a decision they will have for either Monday or when the report goes to council."

If the committee accepts the plan, it will be presented to council on March 3.

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