One Saskatoon city councillor is making noise about getting some peace and quiet.

Randy Donauer, city councillor for Ward 5, wants to get rid of the three-way stop at Whiteswan, Spadina and Pinehouse. The intersection is part of one of the city's most scenic drives and that brings a lot of noisy vehicles. 

Donauer said vehicles make significant noise when they are forced to stop and then start again at the intersection. He said the problem became clear to him while door-knocking.   

"It would not be uncommon if I would knock on a door on Spadina or Whiteswan and talk to the people, they couldn't hear me," Donauer said. "They would just look at me, wait until I was done, and then they'd say, 'Are you going to fix that?'"

City Hall has said it will not be taking out the stop signs and there are no plans to build a roundabout at the intersection.

Randy Donauer

Randy Donauer, city councillor for Ward 5. (CBC)

While Donauer is not giving up on alternatives like roundabouts, he's now pushing for a noise bylaw to ticket loud vehicles. 

"We're not talking about the average vehicle," Donauer said. "We're not talking about the difference between a pick-up truck and a Smart car. We're talking about vehicles that after-market have been modified to make an excessive amount of noise on purpose."

"If none of my suggestions work, what are your suggestions?" he said. "I need to see something change and something improve for the residents who live down there."

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