Saskatoon council votes in favour of public art reserve

Reserve would create a $100K fund over five years to pay for public art.

$100K art reserve to be built up over five years

Saskatoon city council has voted to create a public art reserve. The reserve would create a $100,000 fund over five years to pay for public art.

It would also allocate money to art every time the city builds a major capital project. For any project over $5 million, one percent of that money would pay for art connected to the project, up to a maximum of $500,000.

"These kinds of decisions are key for keeping us on the map and keeping us relevant and keeping us attractive," said Ward 6 Councillor Charlie Clark. 

But some councillors felt that enough money is already being spent on art right now.

"I haven't seen a great knocking or pounding on my door to have more public art or to spend a lot more money on public art," said Ward 8 Councillor Eric Olauson. "I think we've got enough around the city." 

Council will be able to opt out of spending money on art connected to capital projects if it wishes. Administration will bring forward a report prior to any money being spent.

The art will be chosen by a new Public Art Advisory Committee, starting next year.