The City of Saskatoon is hoping the provincial government will help fund a new bridge in the city's north end. (CBC)

The issue of prayer at Saskatoon city events is being sent back to administration.

On Monday Sept. 30, the city's executive committee asked the city solicitor to take another look at a proposal it had put forward. The report proposed the city should either adopt a non-denominational prayer that would apply to more people, observe a moment of silence instead, or eliminate any kind of prayer altogether. 

Council has asked administration to focus on the first two options. 

Shannon Underwood came to the meeting as a member of the public. She wants council to rule out any praying at city events.

"Prayer should not be mixed with the public debate funded by tax dollars incorporated in our tax funded buildings, or in our streets," she said at Saskatoon City Hall.  "This is not for religion, [religion is] for your home or your church."

Questions about prayer at city events arose after a city-sanctioned dinner recognizing volunteers last year. One man said he was offended when the dinner began with a prayer said by a city council member. 

It's not known when the next version of the report will come back to council.