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An attempt to give residents of Saskatoon priority when it comes to registering for leisure services has failed.

At the city council meeting Monday night, there was a tie vote to bring in 'staggered' or preferential services to Saskatoon.

If successful, the vote would have given people in Saskatoon advance time to register for programs, while people in other communities, like Warman and Martensville, would have to wait.

Counsellor Tiffany Paulsen says people are getting fed up.

"People are very frustrated, not only about the lack of access to programming, but also about some of the level of subsidization that's occurring throughout the programming."

Councillor Charlie Clark voted against the motion. He was worried about alienating communities in the surrounding area, and would like to see more consultation.

"To pick out one issue, and throw it onto the table, and throw up a bit of a wall to outside residents without any real discussion with them (is wrong)," he said. 

Administrators will do a careful study of leisure services in the city, taking a close look at where supply and demand problems lie in neighbourhoods across the city.

It will also look at the city's leisure services website, to see if it could be easily accommodated to register people's preferences for leisure classes.

Some Saskatoon parents say they can't get their kids into leisure centre programs.

A recent city report said that 21 per cent of kids registered for swimming lessons live outside of the city.