Last night Saskatoon's city council incurred the wrath of one man whose home is threatened by a slumping slope near the river.

A city-owned alley, Cherry Lane, bisects the area which lies between 11th Street E. and Saskatchewan Crescent.

Kent Rathwell owns one of the threatened homes, and contends that work on Cherry Lane is essential to solving the problem.

"The city has not been maintaining their alley," Rathwell said. "They've been not maintaining Cherry Lane, and allowing their storm water and now soil to damage private properties."

He wants the city to stabilize the alley with a retaining wall, noting that even with that, he will have to spend "hundreds of thousands of dollars to still stabilize our property".

'The neighbour we have an issue with is the city' - Kent Rathwell, homeowner
Kent Rathwell

Kent Rathwell speaks to reporters at Saskatoon City Hall following council's decision last night. (Kathy Fitzpatrick/CBC)

Four councillors voted in favour of a motion that would have had city administrators discuss a possible co-ordinated solution with residents. But the other councillors and the mayor defeated it.

So far, the only action the city has been willing to provide is mediation between the residents to find a solution they can undertake themselves.

Rathwell scoffed at that.    

"The neighbour we have an issue with is the city. Every single resident in that community, and there's you know around a hundred people living there, has an issue with one neighbour and that's the city," he said.

He said the residents are now past the deadline to file a lawsuit, adding they passed the deadline while trying to work with the city to solve the problem.