Most people are used to seeing dogs riding free in the back of pickup trucks, tongues lolling in the wind. But the City of Saskatoon may soon make that a ticketable offence.

Terri Chotowitz, a local vet and provincial representative for the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, supports the proposed bylaw. 

Chotowitz said she's seen many dogs injured after a fall from a flatbed. 

"When we get lucky, you know, we can fix it, send that dog home and it has some issues that go along with surgery," Chotowitz said. "But it's the ones we're not able to fix and you have to put a young dog down."

The bylaw would require owners to tether dogs riding in flatbeds or to put them in a crate. 

Offenders could be ticketed $100 for a first offence. 

When Link the pitbull goes for a ride in his family's pick up, he never rides in the flatbed. Link's owner, Stephanie Anderson, says she keeps him in the cab for safety's sake. 

"I've heard of dogs jumping over the edge and getting hurt and I just don't think it's worth the risk," Anderson said.

The proposed bylaw will soon go to council.

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