Saskatoon's traffic safety committee is raising concerns about what it sees as an ever growing danger on the outskirts of the city.

'They are concerned that somebody is going to get injured' —Ken Claffey

The committee believes the intersection of 71st Street and Highway 16 is an accident waiting to happen.

"People that have talked to me have all mentioned that it is unsafe as these trucks come out onto the roadway and out into the driving lane," said committee chair Ken Claffey. "They are concerned that somebody is going to get injured."

Claffey believes the intersection will become more and more dangerous as Saskatoon continues to grow. He suggests the intersection will become even busier when Saskatoon’s planned north bridge is built, and open to traffic.

There is one major road block in the committee’s plan to make the intersection safer. It is outside city limits in the rural municipality of Corman Park.

Corman Park agrees this is a dangerous intersection, and it has a deal with the provincial government to cost share work to make the intersecton safer. The plan includes squaring the intersection off so that the roads meet at a 90 degree angle, and building acceleration lanes.

Councillors in Corman Park, however, have not yet approved the budget. If they do, the earliest that work could begin at the intersection of Highway 16 and 71st Street would be next year.