Taxi drivers in Saskatoon are on alert, after a series of three armed robberies.

The robberies happened recently between November 6th and the 12th, and follow a similar modus operandi. Cab drivers picked-up a man late in the evening, for a trip to the bingo. The man then pulls a knife, and demands cash.

No one was hurt in these recent armed robberies; however one cab company manager says it’s a reminder that drivers need to be aware out on the streets.

"We do focus on safely and knowing your surroundings and knowing the things to do to try and minimize the risk,” said Troy Larmer with the United Group.

Larmer’s company already operates with cameras, and panic buttons in the cabs, and he says that has dramatically reduced the number of incidents his drivers have had to endure. Larmer wouldn’t say if United was targeted in this latest round of robberies. He said it is against company policy.

A new bylaw is on the way for taxi companies in the city that will require they have safety features like cameras and panic buttons to try and prevent violence. At least two of the companies, including United Cabs, already have those features installed in all their vehicles. Larmer supports the city’s efforts.  

"As it relates to safety, I believe that safety being mandated is definitely a good thing."

Police, meanwhile, are searching for a suspect in this latest series of armed robberies.