Some Saskatoon cabbies want the city to follow Calgary's lead and fine people who puke in cabs. 

Calgary city council voted yesterday to approve a new fine of $100 for people who leave more than a tip on the back seat of their car. The fee is described as an incentive for cab drivers who work late night shifts, because it will help them get back some of the out-of-pocket costs they pay to clean the taxis after a passenger throws up.

Shahid Tiwana

Saskatoon cab driver Shahid Tiwana would like to see a $100 fine in the city like the one implemented in Calgary. (CBC)

Saskatoon cab driver Shahid Tiwana said a $100 fine would be great. If someone vomits in his cab, the rest of his shift is a write off. 

"I can't work rest of the night because I have to go to a car wash ... it takes almost half-an-hour to an hour to clean the car," he said. "Still, the car is not clean, so I have to park the car with the windows open for the rest of the night."

He's had passengers throw up in his car on four or five occasions when he used to drive nights. He said it could cost him more than $200 and the problem would linger for days.

"The cab drivers actually come across people who are complaining about the smell in the car, because whatever you may do, you cannot take that smell away in a day or two," he said. 

On weekends, he said the fine should be set at $200 to cover his loss in fares on a busy night.