Saskatoon cab driver offers free rides to seniors

A local cab driver has been giving Saskatoon's senior citizens free rides since 2007. He has since recruited his family to help with the venture.

Saiful Malook has been giving Saskatoon's seniors citizens free rides since 2007

Saiful Malook is known as 'Adam' by the seniors who he drives around free of charge on weekends.

Seniors are the architects of Canada.- Saiful Malook

Malook is from Pakistan and speaks Punjabi and Urdu with his family. He said he feels the name Adam is easier for his elderly, English-speaking clients to pronounce. He also said he chose the name because it is prominent in Christian theology, which pushes him to be selfless.

"I was inspired by Saint Mother Teresa to do this work," Malook said.

During the week, Malook works as a cab driver, but on weekends he operates the Adam Assistance Program of Saskatoon. He drives his own car to pick up and drop off elderly people who need anything from a ride to church, or to the grocery store.

Malook (right) has recruited his wife and children to help him drive seniors. His son, Sulan Ali Saif (left) said he participates to help his father do what he loves. (Madeline Kotzer/CBC News)

"I am quite happy and proud to give this service to seniors especially," Malook said. "I believe we are living in this beautiful country Canada, in this beautiful province, in beautiful Saskatoon and seniors are the architects of Canada."

Malook said he has been working on human rights issues for the past 26 years. He started driving seniors around free of charge in 2003 when he lived in Ottawa.

"When [seniors] say 'God bless you', 'Thank you for the service', that is my profit. That's my everything," Malook told CBC News.

Malook has been operating the service in Saskatoon since 2007. He has since recruited his wife and children to help him keep up with the demand.

"We need more members, more volunteers," Malook said. "We are Saskatonians now, so we need to service the maximum [amount of] Saskatonians."

Malook said any senior in Saskatoon who needs a ride next weekend could contact him at 306-262-6274. He asks that people request his services 24 hours in advance.