tanya knight

MNP's Regional Managing Partner says the accounting firm's new poll shows business owners are optimistic. (CBC)

A new poll conducted for the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce says two thirds of Saskatoon businesses are 'cautiously optimistic' about business growth.

The poll, conducted by accounting firm MNP, asked 200 business owners a number of questions about the provincial economy.

The poll's authors say the fact that so many businesses are optimistic is a good sign.

"Far more optimistic than I was expecting," said Tanya Knight, Regional Managing Partner of MNP Saskatoon. "Based on just anecdotal information that we've been hearing, (I thought) that maybe businesses are a little more cautious, thinking that it's softening a bit."

Businesses here also don't seem to be concerned about a weak global economy. 61 percent of the businesses polled said they didn't think they were affected by the global economic situation.

While the situation seems to be positive, Knight says it's important to not get complacent.

"It sneaks up on you. So, today, everything seems like it's great, and people rest on our laurels a little bit, instead of looking forward and saying, if something changes, how do we react, where do we go next, what does tomorrow bring?" she said.

More than half of the businesses polled expect their company to be performing better 12 months from now.