A Saskatoon company is selling a unique service — house-cleaning with lingerie-clad women.

The company is called Dirty Business Saskatchewan and for $100 an hour (two-hour minimum), people can have partially dressed women clean their homes.

Emily Kempin, who started the business, says safety is a concern for her and her employees.

She also makes it clear to clients they can't pay for something more.

"We get about at least one call a week about that and we're like, 'No, sorry this is not an escort service. This is not stripping,'" she told CBC's Morning Edition.

Kempin says many of her clients are young men. 

"We do dance around and we will, you know, [use] some playful banter," she said.

"Usually the guys just ask us a bunch of questions like, 'Oh you know have you had any weirdos? Am I a weird to you?' I'm like, 'No. You're just some guy who doesn't know how to mop.'"

According to the company, two women work together at all times and they have a body guard with them.