Whether it's the world's largest tomahawk in Cut Knife, Sask. or the biggest oil can on earth in Rocanville, there are plenty of big attractions in Saskatchewan.

Now, a Saskatoon business is slugging its way to a new Canadian record. Kyle Markusa, president of Progressive Yard Works, was presented with an interesting project about two years ago. 

A customer asked Markusa if his company could build a 15-foot baseball bat. While he didn't have any experience creating giant bats, Markusa suggested making it a Canadian record-breaking 50 feet.

Kyle Markusa

Kyle Markusa, president of Progressive Yard Works. (Peter Mills/CBC)

"I wanted to do it because obviously it's super exciting to do creative projects like this," Markusa said. "It's right in our realm of expertise of custom manufacturing products. I don't think there's many people who would even try it, but I figured, 'What's the worst that could happen?'"

Markusa is now only a few days away from finishing the enormous undertaking.

"It's just a big fun project," he said. "We really enjoy doing it. A lot of our customers and people that come in are just like, 'What are you doing?' Oh, you know, just building a bat. (They say) 'OK, that's weird, but cool.' So it's really fun." 

The record-breaking bat will soon have a new home. After it gets a coat of paint, the bat will head to the Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame in Battleford

It will be unveiled on Saturday, Aug. 16.