Car in Saskatoon River

Snow along the Circle Drive Bridge rail formed a ramp for an out-of-control vehicle that went into the river. (Kathy Fitzpatrick/CBC)

A scary accident on Saskatoon's Circle Drive North bridge has led to some change in the city.

City crews will now clear snow from the sides of bridges after every snow storm, as soon as they can.

Last week, a woman's car flew off the bridge when it hit graded snow piled up on a barricade on the side of the bridge.

The woman's car landed on the river ice, and she was able to safely get out of the vehicle.

Administrators say the change in policy will make winter driving much safer.

"With this changed process, we're going to be inspecting those barriers and clearing them after every storm," said General Manager of Utility Services Jeff Jorgenson. "It's going to have a significant difference on the snow that's accumulated along the barriers."

City councillors say the public has become leery of driving on bridges since the accident, and welcome the change.

"Although there's no speed restrictions, people are slowing down to 50 in an 80 km zone," said councillor Tiffany Paulsen. "People are feeling uneasy as to what may or may not happen on that bridge."

Administration is also looking at clearing snow away from other barricades in the city, although priority will be given to areas where people are more likely to be in danger.

It's still not known how much the new policy will cost.