Saskatoon is about to get the blues. The 2016 Saskatoon Blues Festival begins on Monday.

The festival is put on by the Saskatoon Blues Society which promotes, fosters and celebrates blues music in Saskatoon. The festival also gives an opportunity for local musicians and blues-lovers to mingle with world-renowned artists.

During the festival, blues music is played at various clubs, bars and coffee shops. There are also presentations at schools to help spread the history and styles of the blues.

Saskatoon Blues Festival

Saskatoon Blues Festival begins on Monday. (Saskatoon Blues Festival/Facebook)

Artists featured this year include Juno award winner Murray Porter, who uses blues to tell the Aboriginal side of history with music and humour. Blind Boy Paxton will be bringing Saskatoon audiences back in time to the 1920s and the start of the blues.

Saskatoon's own Apollo Cruz released their debut album in 2015 and will be bringing their blues rock music to the stage as well.

The festival runs until Feb 28. Information and lineups are at the festival website.