Saskatoon begins snow clearing in residential streets

The first city-wide snow clearing of 2014 is underway in Saskatoon.

Ruts removed in Silverwood and Wildwood today, Arbour Creek and Hampton Village on Wednesday

Ruts are being removed in Silverwood and Wildwood today. (Peter Mills/CBC)

The first city-wide snow clearing of 2014 is underway in Saskatoon.

City crews are working to clean ruts in the Silverwood and Wildwood neighbourhoods. Montgomery and Willowgrove were the first to see snow clearing on Monday.

"No parking" signs have been posted and this means that vehicles can be towed and ticketed.

Many vehicles are being towed and ticketed for parking in snow routes. (Peter Mills/CBC)

The city's new snow clearing plan is welcome news for many, however a waste of tax dollars for others.    

Barb Mackling said it's good news on her block.

"I'm hoping it will help, especially with the ruts," Mackling said. "One of my kids, she totalled off her car because she hit a rut the wrong way trying to let another vehicle through and ended up bumping a car just enough that SGI looked and it and said, 'No. it's a write-off.'" 

Tracy Babchuk said she's happy to see extra efforts being done to remove ruts.

"It does help a lot," Babchuk said. "I know where I work the road is pretty bad and rutted. I know there have been a lot of accidents for people going out of the rut and hitting other cars on the side of the road."

The snow clearing continues throughout the week. On Wednesday, graders will be in the Arbour Creek and Hampton Village neighbourhoods. On Thursday, crews will be in Fairhaven and Sutherland, followed by Lawson Heights and Silverspring on Friday.

Replay the Saskatoon Morning live chat about the city's snow clearing efforts. 


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