Saskatoon author Arthur Slade has landed a movie deal for his book series The Hunchback Assignments.

"It's actually been a long time coming, and of course I've know about it for a while," said Slade during an interview with CBC's Saskatoon Morning.

Slade said film companies became interested in the book about five years ago when an Australian film producer began reading the series.

Arthur Slade

Arthur Slade says he's been talking to interested parties over the past five years. (Submitted by Arthur Slade)

"We've been going back and forth with him, my agent, and my film agents that whole time. It's just now finally kind of coming together," said Slade.

"It's such a complicated thing to put a movie together. The book world is so much simpler."

The books follow a hunchbacked protagonist, Modo, who has a special ability — he's a shape shifter. Raised by a British Lord, he becomes a secret agent for the British Empire completing 'hunchback assignments.' The stories take place during the Victorian era, leaving Modo to battle villains such as steampunk monsters.

"It's always been a very visual story for me when I was creating it," said Slade.

And although this is not the first time Slade's work has been optioned for a movie, he remains optimistic that this deal will make it to the big screen.

"It could be years, it could be months. It's such a crazy industry that way," said Slade.

"I'm just going to cross my fingers that they will do it a bit more quickly so I'm still alive."