The Saskatoon airport ran on emergency backup power through the weekend following an unexplained power surge Saturday night, leading to some flight delays.

The surge happened at about 6:30 p.m. CST, forcing the airport to operate on emergency power using a backup generator through the weekend. 

Officials said despite the surge, the airport operated normally for the most part.

"That does reduce some of the services that are available, however, all essential services, such as heat, there is lights, there are washrooms available, all those things are available," said Maxine Montgomery, manager of customer and terminal services. 

Montgomery said some bridges, the portable hallways that lead passengers to the plane, were not working right after the surge. That led to delays Saturday evening for people on flights departing and arriving from Saskatoon. 

By Sunday, flights were running on time and only some food and drink services past the security check point were not in service. 

"Certainly going through security is as per normal operations," said Montgomery.  

She said they're still trying to find out why it happened, and they expect to be back on their regular power system by Monday. 

Montgomery said power surges don't happen often at the airport.