The City of Saskatoon is hoping to get more people using public transit with some new facilities at bus stops.

On Wednesday, the city announced it is replacing all of its 150 benches currently at bus stops by November 2014. The new benches include recycling stations for paper, cans and bottles.

Bob Howe, director of Saskatoon Transit, said the city will also be adding 130 new benches over the next ten years.

'It's all about changing people's perception of transit' - Bob Howe, director of Saskatoon Transit

"Our current style of bench doesn't have a recycling component.  We want to make the city more environmentally friendly," Howe said. "So this is just one of the designs that helps us achieve that goal."

A recent traffic survey shows that only about four per cent of people in the city use public transit to get around. Howe hopes these changes will help.

"It's all about changing people's perception of transit," he said. "Providing a better service, providing more comfortable places for our customers to wait for the bus, and the recycling component that we've also implemented in this design is just one step further to help."

The new benches were unveiled at the Confederation Bus Terminal on Laurier Drive.