Saskatonians show support for Ukraine

As Ukraine deals with a major crisis in Crimea, people in Saskatoon are showing their support.

Candlelight vigil held at the University of Saskatchewan

As Ukraine deals with a major crisis in Crimea, people in Saskatoon are showing their support. 

Viktoriya Kalchenko is one of the organizers of the of a candlelight vigil held today at the University of Saskatchewan in support of Ukraine. (Dan Kerslake/CBC)
Dozens of people took part in a candlelight vigil near the Lesya Ukrainka statue at the University of Saskatchewan this afternoon. Participants sang the national anthem and some carried signs urging Russia to leave Crimea peacefully. 

"I feel so much pain for such a beautiful country that right now is occupied and I'm really worried about my relatives and parents, my friends that I grew up with that are in Ukraine right now," ViktoriyaKalchenko helped organize the event. 

Kalchenko, who is from Ukraine and now studying at the U of S, said governments here have done a good job responding to the crisis. Still she would like to see Ottawa impose tougher sanctions on Russia.

"The war is the last thing I want, we all want peace," she said. "Ukraine has shown that it has dignity and that we deserve to have true democracy and strong civil society."


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