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Brad Farmer, manager of Krazy Kiley's Audiotronics in Saskatoon, says his store's Black Friday events see more business than Boxing Day sales. (David Shield/CBC)

In a bid to counter an exodus of shopping dollars during the American consumer ritual known as Black Friday, retailers in Saskatchewan are mounting promotional campaigns to attract customers.

From Saskatoon to Estevan, it has become common for busloads of deal-hungry shoppers to head to the border.

Now, more and more shops at home are advertising sales and even seeing line ups at the doors prior to opening time.

One Saskatoon electronics store is now into its fourth year of a major Black Friday sale.

"[We] watched a lot of people cross the border on this weekend, and it was really sticking it to the economy in Canada, in Saskatchewan," Brad Farmer, manager of Krazy Kiley's Audiotronic, told CBC News Thursday. "And we just decided to join 'em, if you can't beat 'em."

According to Farmer, last year's event generated more business than Boxing Day a month later. For years, the day after Christmas has been the traditional day for Canadian retailers to offer deep discounts.

Some shoppers in Saskatoon seemed to prefer the Black Friday version.

"Black Friday's the best," one shopper told CBC News. "Because you can do your Christmas shopping early and get gifts for people that you love."

Others were weary of the hype.

"Overrated. I find that it's just a little overrated," another shopper said. "Too many people are worrying about it and trying to get to it too much."

With files from CBC's David Shield