Drivers heading out of town today should drive safely on the province's highways as most roadways are listed as being slippery, icy, or being covered with snow.

As of 8:15 a.m. CST on Sunday, more than 80 per cent of Saskatchewan's highways were listed as having some sort of winter driving conditions, according to the provincial Highway Hotline.

With the exception of about five highway sections in the province's south and about 12 sections in the province's central region, the rest of the highways require caution while driving. 

Highway 1

  • Manitoba border to Whitewood: Icy or slippery sections, loose snow, swirling snow.
  • Whitewood to Indian Head: Icy or slippery sections, loose snow, swirling snow.
  • Indian Head to Regina: Reduced visibility, fog.
  • Regina to Moose Jaw: Reduced visibility, icy or slippery sections, loose snow, swirling snow, fog.
  • Moose Jaw to Swift Current: Loose snow, swirling snow, icy or slippery sections, snow drifts.
  • Swift Current to Alberta Border: Good winter driving.

Provincial highways

  • Highway 11 north from Regina to Saskatoon, and north to Prince Albert: The majority of the roadway has winter driving conditions that include either icy sections, slippery sections, or drifting snow. 
  • Highway 16 from Yorkton, through Saskatoon, northwest to Lloydminster: The entire highway, from border to border, has winter driving conditions, including fog, swirling snow, drifting snow, icy sections or slippery sections.

Find the latest road reports from the Highway Hotline map here.