Saskatoon could be the home of an exhibit next summer which aims to preserve the heritage and tradition of the Doukhobor refugees who settled in Saskatchewan in the late 19th century.

Ryan Androsoff has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the exhibit, looking to raise $15,000 for the project's first phase which will collect pictures and stories of the Doukhobors.

"There aren't a lot of us left who, I think, self-identify as Doukhobors," Androsoff told CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning.

Doukhobor traditions

The project aims to recreate the "Molenya" — the Doukhobor prayer service — in the exhibit. (Ryan Androsoff/indiegogo)

"So I wanted to launch this project while there's still this time and still a critical mass of Doukhobor community in Saskatchewan to capture, in particular, some of the spiritual aspects of the Doukhobor community and how that's evolved over the years."

An important part of the exhibit will be recreating a Doukhobor "Molenya".

"Where you'd be able to go and in a very, I think, unique and immersive way, feel what it's like to be at a Doukhobor prayer service."

Audio will be collected of the a cappella, five-part harmony music used in the service, which will be played back for people in the exhibit. 

Androsoff, who is a direct descendant of original Doukhobor settlers in Saskatchewan, hopes to find a number of homes for the project, including one in Saskatoon by next summer.

With files from CBC Radio's Saskatoon Morning