A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the story behind a photograph may not be known unless a record of it is kept.

That's where archivists come in.

Saskatchewan Archives Week is coming to an end after celebrating the history of the province and the people in it.

"Archives are any records created and received by a person or an agency and kept beyond the point at which they're needed for current business," explained Jeff O'Brien with the City of Saskatoon Archives.

O'Brien said archived items can range from documents to photographs, which he referred to as a form of handy and immediate documentation. 

"Photographs reveal all sorts of details of life, of people," O'Brien said. "They show locations that might not otherwise be documented."

However, O'Brien admitted that not all records hold historical value.

For those who have items they feel may be valuable to archive, O'Brien said the best way to find out is to contact an archive or museum.

With files from CBC Radio's Blue Sky.