ukraine drive

Iryna Matsiuk poses with some of the things she plans to bring with her in the car on Sunday. (Madeline Kotzer/CBC News)

This weekend the Ukrainian community of Saskatchewan is holding a rally in Regina.

On Sunday, a group called the Saskatchewan Auto Maidan will meet in Saskatoon and drive in a caravan to Regina.

Iryna Matsiuk, who organized the event, said Friday the last week has been particularly hard for the province's Ukrainian community. 

'the first thing I saw on my news feed on Facebook is rows and rows of killed people,' - Iryna Matsiuk

Matsiuk said nothing prepared her for the bloodshed that Ukraine saw on Tuesday, when two dozen people were reportedly killed in clashes with police.

"Woke up in the morning and the first thing I saw on my news feed on Facebook is rows and rows of killed people," Matsiuk said. "And that is very difficult to see, and the know this is the country I grew up in, the places I have been many time."

The planned event this weekend is an act of solidarity with the real Auto Maidan protesters in Ukraine.

"This is the mobile unit in Ukraine," Matsiuk explained. "It has its own goals and functions. So in our case it is symbolic that we called ourselves and our gathering Auto Maidan as well."

The convoy of cars will end their drive with a rally at the Legislative Building in Regina. They want politicians to enact more sanctions against Ukraine. Matsiuk said she expects about 200 cars to make the drive.

"We are going to decorate our cars with ribbons and balloons and stickers. Anything that has to do with Ukraine and Canada as well to show the solidarity," Matsiuk said.   

They are also hoping to raise money to send to victims of the violence in Ukraine. Matsiuk said if people want more information they should visit their Facebook page.

"The goal is to unite all the Ukrainian communities in one move and show that we are here," she said.