They might be better informed than many of the the adults who cast the official ballots. 

Yesterday, more than 12,000 students in this province had their say on who should run local governments across Saskatchewan.

The student vote was made possible with the help of the Saskatchewan government, and CIVIX, a national civic education charity.

"We have heard some amazing stories about how informed and engaged students became through the process," said CIVIX's Lindsay Mazzucco. "We would like to thank the dedicated teachers across the province for leading the program and fostering the habits of active and engaged citizenship among their students."

Before the mock elections, students first learned about government and the electoral process. They then explored local issues and the candidates, engaging in conversations with their friends and family.

So, how do the results compare with the real thing?

In Saskatoon, more than 3,600 students chose Don Atchison for mayor. In the real municipal election in the city, it was Charlie Clark who was elected mayor.

In Regina, more than 3,100 students voted and picked Michael Fougere for mayor. In that city, the adults voted Fougere back into office too.