Saskatchewan shoppers will lead the country this year when it comes to buying Christmas presents online, suggests a Visa Canada survey.

This doesn't surprise Bob Miller at Traxx Footwear.

"We find a lot of people will shop our webpage just so that they know what they want when they come in. They've already said I want this shoe, that shoe, that shoe."

The survey reveals that people in this province will spend $310 on holiday gifts online.

That's $60 dollars more than the national average.

Miller say the online store's boosted his sales, expands his customer base and leads to more visits and higher sales in real life.

Lindsay Macgreggor

Lindsay MacGreggor shops online. (CBC)

Online shopper Lindsay MacGreggor says that she's not surprised by the survey findings.

"This year I did everything online. I haven't done mall shopping in probably two or three years," she said.

Other survey findings include:

Fifty-nine per cent of shoppers will spend at least $500 on holiday related gifts, while Canadians living in Saskatchewan plan to spend an average of $496 in stores and $310 online for holiday-related gifts.