A Saskatchewan man has received a two-year suspended sentence for making online threats against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Derek Hurrell, 34, pleaded guilty to one count of uttering threats earlier this year. According to the Crown prosecutor, Hurrell posted on Facebook stating he wanted to "blow out" Justin Trudeau's brains.

In May, Hurrell was arrested near the town of Borden, Sask., located about 50 kilometres northwest of Saskatoon. The investigation began after police in New Brunswick notified the RCMP's national security enforcement section.

In Saskatoon provincial court, Prosecutor Mike Segu told court this should not be treated as an ordinary threats charge, as it was directed at the prime minister.

Hurrell had no direct contact with Trudeau.

Judge Barry Singer said he was impressed by Hurrell's positive efforts to change since the charge was laid.

This isn't the first time someone from Saskatchewan has been charged with threatening Trudeau. Last year, a man from Grayson, Sask. was given nine months probation, fined $500 and given a five-year firearms ban for threatening the prime minister online.