Recycling coaches coming to Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council will be at three trade shows this summer in Saskatoon with interactive games to teach people about recycling.

Are you a recycling pro? Don't worry if you're not, the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council is here to help.

Games teaching you how to recycle could be coming to a trade show near you. (Sara Minogue/CBC)

Have you ever tried to recycle and felt a little confused about what is actually allowed in the bin? Between recycling bins and compost buckets, it can be  tough to understand what goes where.

But you might be able to find a recycling coach that can help. 

Deidre Fritsch knows her recycling. She is the project coordinator at the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council, and the group has coaches to help people learn how to recycle. 

"I think that recycling is no longer just a feel good thing. It is definitely a reality in the city. We have services available, and they are newer, so we need to tell people how to use them," said Fritsch.

How green is Saskatoon? City Hall has the answer. 

The coaching service will be accessible through resources as well as a trailer that will be present at trade shows around the city of Saskatoon.

This spring, it will be at the Green Living expo, the Saskatoon Home Show and Gardenscape. 

The council uses resources including interactive games that make recycling a bit more fun.

"They focus on sorting and show the major bins that you can have at your house," said Fritsch. Participants are asked to put things in their appropriate bins to test their recycling knowledge. 

Fritsch said that because it's usually children who help parents with recycling, so games are directed at the kids.

If you are interested in becoming a recycling coach, you can contact the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council.