A Wakaw man and a Melfort woman are in custody awaiting bail hearings after being charged with conspiring to murder their respective spouses. 

Curtis Vey, 49, and Angela Nicholson, also 49, are in custody. They are due to appear in a Melfort courtroom in late August. 

RCMP said they received a complaint from one of the potential victims. 

According to information from provincial court, Vey and Nicholson are accused that on or around July 1, they conspired together to murder Brigitte Vey and Jim Taylor.

The allegations are the talk of the town in Wakaw and Melfort.

"You just don't expect these types of things to happen, especially in a smaller community," Rick Trabalia, from Melfort, said of the charges. "Today, not too much can surprise you."

Brad Goudy said he knew Angela Nicholson from high school.

"It's hard to know what the details are and maybe it's blown out of proportion, what happened," Goudy said. "But it has everyone surprised. We would have never thought that about Angela."