Saskatchewan's environment minister says the photo of a truckload of coyote carcasses parked at a Saskatoon drive-thru has left him disturbed and disappointed. 


Saskatchewan environment minister Ken Cheveldayoff. (CBC)

‚ÄčKen Cheveldayoff said the image, which began circulating online earlier this week, shows a lack of tact. But he's not prepared to introduce legislation that would make it mandatory to hide animal carcasses from sight.

"These were brought to an urban setting. They were in a commercial drive-thru," Cheveldayoff said"You can't legislate tact, but in this case I think something more could have been done."

Ontario has a law that requires anyone transporting a dead animal to keep it out of public sight. However, Cheveldayoff said he'd prefer to educate people rather than create a similar law in Saskatchewan.