Officials from the provincial and federal government gathered outside Warman, Sask., Tuesday morning to celebrate the progress of a major road project.

Work on two highway overpasses at Warman and Martensville is officially 40 per cent complete. 

The road projects are designed to make it easier and safer for drivers to enter and exit the bedroom communities.

In Warman, drivers must cross a lane of highway traffic to access the city, creating a potentially dangerous situation.

warman interchange

Crews are busy working on two overpass projects near Warman and Martensville. (Kiewit)

In Martensville, the new interchange will disperse traffic along Main Street and Centennial Drive, providing safer access and reducing congestion.

The federal government is contributing up to 50 per cent of the cost of the project. National and Regional Projects, along with the Government of Saskatchewan will be responsible for all remaining costs.

The two projects are expected to be completed by 2019. The overpasses will cost $60.6 million to build.