When 17-year-old Sarah Wensley was killed in a tragic collision with a stolen pick-up truck, her father Dave Wensley didn't only lose a daughter. He lost his best buddy and fellow Blue Jays fan.

In the midst of funeral preparations, the Saskatoon transit driver opened up about Sarah, saying he wants people to focus on the positive, as she did.

"She was my rock and I was her rock," Dave said.

Wensley remembers his daughter as a bright and lively go-getter, eager to try every sport she could.  And also someone who loved to be with people, and be there for them.

The family was together at home, kibitzing as usual, just before Sarah left with two other teens for a track and field practice, the sport she loved best.

Dave Wensley and Brennan Rowland

Sarah Wensley's father Dave Wensley (left) and brother Brennan Rowland, at Victoria Park where they often like to walk together. (Kathy Fitzpatrick/CBC)

"And I looked at Sarah and I said 'you know Sarah the only reason I'm teasing you or concerned about this is I'm your father and I care about you and I love you"," Dave recounted.

It was the last time he saw her alive.

Sarah was a Grade Eleven student at Bethlehem Catholic High School. She had also worked part-time since the age of 15, at Tim Horton's and later at Sport Chek in Midtown Plaza.

Her father said she was mulling over three career choices: dental assistant, city police officer, or home economics teacher.

Sarah's brother Brennan Rowland, five years her senior, has come from his military post in North Bay to be with the rest of the family. The pair were always close, he said.

"We went through hell and back together. We watched our parents divorce, like we stuck it through, you know," Brennan said.

He is in the midst of preparing his sister's eulogy, remembering all their good times too.

Her funeral is set for Saturday afternoon at Third Avenue United Church.  Her father said they had to switch the service to that venue because the funeral home will be too small. He said a lot of people are planning to attend. 

The family of J.P. Haughey, the other teen killed in the crash, has declined media interviews, saying it's too difficult right now.

A 16-year-old girl, who was in the car with Haughey and Wensley, was badly injured in the crash.

Dave Wensley said she has had some surgeries, with another one scheduled today.

Now he hopes to be a support for the injured girl.