A new Saskatoon "halotherapy" centre is offering a traditional approach to health and wellness using salt. 

"Salt therapy is a very old and ancient remedy for many things, but respiratory ailments is primarily what we are doing here," said Shelby Reddekopp, owner of Exclusive Wellness in Saskatoon. 

The centre opened this month in the city. Visitors can choose from a selection of timed sessions. People enter a room and breathe in a fine aerosol of salt particles.

For adults under 65, it's $45 for a 45-minute session.

Once the session begins, "you simply relax, breath deeply and let the salt do its work," Reddekopp said. 

Salt therapy can act as a treatment for the common cold, skin conditions or just general health, proponents say.

The traditional treatment is common in parts of the Middle East, East Africa and Eastern Europe. 

For the service, Exclusive Wellness centre imports Himalayan salt.