Runners leave Saskatoon for Batoche to honour Metis vets

Runners left from Saskatoon's Friendship Park this morning, heading for Batoche to honour Metis veterans.

Run coincides with unveiling of monument on Saturday

Running to Batoche to honour the fallen. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)

Vincent Lariviere doesn't hesitate when asked why he travelled south from Pinehouse Lake, Sask. to stand in a soft rain on the Saskatoon riverbank.

"For all the veterans who went, dedicated their lives for this country," Lariviere said. "I just came to do this run. This is my first time. I'm from up north. I thought it would be a good run to do."

Vincent Lariviere (CBC)

The 19-year-old was part of a motley group of runners who gathered early on Friday for the 100 kilometre journey to Batoche, Sask.

Runner include soldiers from the North Saskatchewan Regiment, TV performers Andrea Menard and Nathanial Arcand, police chief Clive Weighill, and teens like Lariviere.

"Together these events will help signify a new era for our country," organizer Shannon Louttit said.

On Saturday, a monument to Métis veterans will be unveiled at Batoche. Each of Friday's runners is travelling with a small card giving the story of a particular Métis veteran. These cards will be part of the monument.