Motorcycles with modified exhaust systems may be ticketed under a new noise bylaw being drafted in Saskatoon. (CBC)

A proposed noise bylaw got a rough ride at Saskatoon city council on Monday night.

A large group of motorcyclists showed up to city hall to protest against the law, which it said discriminates against them.

They say the current rules are strict enough. At least one city councillor, Ward 2 councillor Pat Lorje, agreed with them.

"I have — since the March 17 meeting — received many more complaints from citizens who are concerned about excessively noisy house parties, rather than the intermittent noise that may come from a group of motorcycle riders," Lorje said.

City administration is still working on writing a new bylaw. 

In the case of motorcycles, police would be armed with decibel metres.  

The plan could be ready for the next city council meeting.

How loud is too loud?

Here is a decibel chart of some things you may hear in Saskatoon on a daily basis:

Rustling leaves

20 dB

Quiet street

50 dB

Normal conversation

60 dB

Loud singing

75 dB


80 dB


90 dB


94 dB

Diesel truck

100 dB

Lawn mower

107 dB


117 dB

Rock concert

120 dB

Jet plane

130 dB
Range between 92 dB and 100 dB