Roads damaged during robbery attempt in Paynton, Sask.

The suspects didn't crank the trailer jack fully and as they attempted to flee, the stolen trailer gouged out portions of the towns roads.

As the suspects attempted to flee, they gouged out portions of the village's roads

RCMP say suspects used a stolen truck to pull a stolen flat deck trailer in Paynton, Sask. (CBC)

A robbery in the rural municipality of Paynton, Sask., has left the small community with extensive damage to their roads.

Early Friday morning, RCMP say suspects broke into a shop in Paynton and stole a truck, as well as other items.

The suspects then broke into another shop down in the community and stole a flat deck trailer. They attempted to use the stolen truck to pull the trailer, but they didn't crank the trailer jack fully. As the suspects attempted to flee, the trailer gouged out portions of the towns roads.

The suspects lost control of the vehicle at the east entrance to the community. They ditched the stolen truck just outside Paynton, and left the damaged trailer in the middle of the access road to Highway 16.

Anyone with information is asked to call Maidstone RCMP at 306-893-4800 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Paynton is about 190 kilometres northwest of Saskatoon.


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