The South Saskatchewan River level remains stable but the City of Saskatoon continues to warn residents to stay away from the water's edge.

At this time, the city said the river is 2.5 metres or more below where it would be a threat to buildings and core infrastructure.

The Saskatchewan Water Security Agency has stabilized outflows from Lake Diefenbaker through the Gardiner Dam at 2,000 cubic metres per second. The city expects the current water level to remain stable.

City fencing off dangerous areas

Activity in and around the river should be avoided for residents and their pets, the city said. The strong river current, shifting riverbed and slippery banks make playing and swimming extremely dangerous, "if not fatal." 

' The current was real strong. It felt almost as if someone was grabbing at your ankles, pulling you.' — Steven Diebel

"Now that you've got the water that's inundated up into the bushes, etcetera, if anyone gets entangled in that with the pressure of the water holding them, it is a very difficult situation for those trying to rescue," said Saskatoon fire chief Dan Paulsen.

The city is fencing off areas that people continue to visit that's too close to the water.

But not everybody is following the city's advice to stay safe and stay away from the river's edge. Steven Diebel and his dog, Finnegan, waded into the river.

"Yeah, the current was real strong" he said. "It felt almost as if someone was grabbing at your ankles, pulling you. So it trips you up real good, yeah."

The following locations are closed:

  • Spadina Crescent and the Meewasin Valley Trail at Ravine Drive, and just south of the entrance to the Meewasin Park north shelter.
  • The lower trail at the Mendel Art Gallery where it connects to the upper trail, including access to the Shearwater Tours dock and the Mendel Lookout.
  • River Landing lower trail between the Traffic Bridge and the Sid Buckwold Bridge.
  • The public boat launch in Kiwanis Park, north of the Broadway Bridge.
  • Spadina Crescent underneath the Broadway Bridge.