Janine Weaver

Janine Weaver examines a Grey Cup t-shirt at the Riders store in Saskatoon. Victory souvenirs weren't in Monday morning, the day after the Riders captured the Grey Cup.

Rider fans shopping for souvenirs of their team's historic Grey Cup victory at Saskatoon's Centre Mall at Circle and 8th Street East had to be content with general merchandise Monday morning.

A smattering of customers wandered into the store soon after it opened.  But the only Grey Cup-related items were Grey Cup replicas, and T-shirts commemorating the 101st Grey Cup matchup between the Riders and Tiger-Cats.

Staff told customers the victory memorabilia will arrive sometime later in the week.

"I was looking for the championship stuff," said Wade Wells. "We left Regina early and figured the stores would be really busy in Regina, so we figured we'd hit Saskatoon on the way back to Edmonton, but no championship stuff out yet."

Now he'll order it on-line, he said.

A native of Edmonton, Wells has always been a Riders fan.

"This is our fourth Grey Cup in a row that we've got to, and it was great to be here in Regina, have them win it at home," Wells added.

"We were hoping they'd have something fast already for Grey Cup champions but anything, anything Riders," said Janine Weaver of Lloydminster.  "T-shirt, hat, gloves ... for grandpa who didn't get to go and who's a die-hard Riders fan."

Weaver said the stores in Regina were very busy, so decided to try her luck in Saskatoon.

Sharon Powell, who lives in Saskatoon and watched the game on TV, was looking for a jersey for her granddaughter who lives in Edmonton.  She too was content with a run-of-the-mill green-and-white item.

Fans at the Rider store at Mosaic Stadium in Regina had better luck.  Rochelle Wendt and her family found championship t-shirts and hats.

"We're already talking about going to B.C. next year," Wendt laughed. "To be honest with you we were planning it this morning, so yeah, we're excited."