The organizers of a massive snowball fight say they're ready to break the current world record.

"We're very excited," said Nathan Thoen. "We've been getting a huge amount of support from the city, from the province, from the country and we can't wait to just take this title from Seattle." 

Seattle, WA currently holds the Guinness World Record for a snowball fight involving 5,834 people.

Thoen's quest to bring the record to Saskatoon has even gotten backing from Rick Mercer. The comedian will be in the city Sunday afternoon recording a segment for Rick Mercer Report during the battle.

Rick Mercer

Comedian Rick Mercer will be one of thousands expected to participate in the word record attempt snowball fight.

"I think that we got a really good shot at it now that Rick's going to be down there filming a TV show too."

Thoen said it won't take long to earn earn the record.

"The world record requires you to have a fight longer than a minute and everyone must throw at least one snowball so it couldn't be easier."

The world record attempt happens Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m. CST in Victoria Park as part of Wintershines.