A former Regina police officer who kicked an intoxicated man in the stomach at a detox centre two years ago will not be going to jail.

Robert Power, 41, received a conditional discharge Friday. He was convicted of assault causing bodily harm in connection with the 2012 assault. He has also been fired by the Regina Police Service.

Power initially told a court that he only pushed the man after the two got into a dispute. When confronted with surveillance video, however, Power admitted he kicked the intoxicated man.

The Crown asked for a suspended sentence, arguing that Power used excessive force and was in a position of trust. The judge said the sentencing decision was partially based on the fact that Power had no prior criminal record.

As part of the conditional discharge, Power will spend one year on probation and must attend counselling and anger management sessions.

He will also have to make a donation of $1,000 to the Regina Detox Centre, where the assault happened.

Power has appealed his termination, which will be dealt with in March.