Tegen Rhind was greeted by a furry friend today. 

For the last few weeks, the seven-year-old has been working hard to raise money to pay the vet bills of a dog shot by an arrow northeast of Regina.

And this morning, CC Rez Q, the group that is helping the dog, surprised Tegen at her school. So far, she has raised $850 for the dog now known as Arrow, all by making and selling bookmarks. 

"When mom, my mom told me she got shot with an arrow through the back that just made me sad and I wanted to help her," she said. 

"I think she is really nice, and very fluffy," 
- Tegen Rhind

Tegen has received requests for her handmade fabric bookmarks from as far away as the Scotland.

 CC Rez Q said Arrow has received a clean bill of health, thanks to the money Tegen was able to raise. 

"I think she is really nice, and very fluffy," she said.  

Her mother, Brie Rhind, could not be more proud. 


Tegen raised over $800 to help cover veterinary expenses for a dog that was shot in the back with an arrow. (CBC)

"She was wanting to learn how to sew, so I said why don't we sew something. She said, well I need a bookmark," Brie said.

From there, Tegen decided to use her new skills to make bookmarks to raise money for Arrow.

"I never expected it to take off the way that it did. I never expected it to be getting orders from Quebec and Los Angles and Scotland," Brie said.

A woman from the United Kingdom had even called, offering Tegen special fabric to make the bookmarks. 

Initially, the mother-daughter duo thought that they would be making only a few handfuls of bookmarks for people in Regina. But Tegen's bookmarks have been a big hit worldwide, and even led to interviews in New York.

For Tegen, the best present of all has been her new friend Arrow.