Cosmo contract

City council approved the Cosmo deal last night. (CBC)

Saskatoon city council has approved a nine year, $21-million deal that will see non-profit Cosmopolitan Industries take on multi-unit recycling in the city.

It’s a deal that generated much debate in council chambers, and the talk continued yesterday.

Councillor Charlie Clark argued that says the company charges too much and the deal will have to be subsidized through a provincial recycling fund.

“The costs of the program don't add up to being a good financial decision.”

But in the end, councillors voted 7-2 in favour of finalizing the contract with Cosmo.

The manager of the non-profit employs people with special needs to do the work, and says the deal will allow them to keep paying a decent wage.

Ken Gryschuk said they would have had to make some choices if council hasn’t backed Cosmo.

“I wouldn't even want to think about that because pay day is a wonderful day at Cosmo and we wouldn't want to reduce that by at least two thirds. “

Gryschuk hopes the Cosmo recycling program can be up and operating soon.