Marjory Crabbe

Marjory Crabbe, 62, from Bladworth, Sask. has been missing since Feb. 10. (RCMP)

RCMP in Saskatchewan have found the body of 62-year-old Marjory Crabbe.

The Bladworth, Sask. woman had been missing since Feb. 10. Outlook RCMP found her body in the Danielson Provincial Park, which is north of Lake Diefenbaker. The area is remote and not travelled in the winter.

RCMP said they do not believe Crabbe's death is suspicious or criminal in nature.

Crabbe travelled to Saskatoon on Monday and stopped at the home of a friend at about 2:30 p.m. CST. Her friend was not home at the time, but the homeowner said Crabbe left a note saying she had been there.

Police said the 62-year-old Crabbe never returned to Bladworth and there are no records of phone or banking activity.

Bladworth is about 100 kilometres south of Saskatoon.

CBC has learned that Crabbe's husband Jim Crabbe, who was mayor of Bladworth, died of a sudden heart attack late last year. They lived together in a small house in the middle of the village. Crabbe and her husband didn't have any children.

Marjory Crabbe grew up in Bladworth and went to school there and in Davidson, Sask. She worked at a bank in Davidson before retiring.

Crabbe's parents are deceased and her siblings have all moved away.