Convicted killer Randy O'Hagan wants a new trial.

O'Hagan was convicted in May of first-degree murder in the September 2012 shooting death of Saskatoon mother Lorry Santos.

Santos was gunned down in her home. O'Hagan and an accomplice had gone to the wrong house looking to settle a score with a former gang member.


Lorry Santos (CBC)

The shooting grabbed the attention of people in the city because of its randomness. Santos had no gang ties, no criminal record, and died only because she answered her door at the wrong time.

O'Hagan lists 14 grounds for appeal:

  • The judge convicted him on the basis it was planned and deliberate. O'Hagan says it was not.
  • The court allowed testimony from people who benefited from testifying against him.
  • There was no physical evidence linking O'Hagan to the crime.
  • His legal aid lawyer "did not defend me whatsoever."
  • He claims that he "had an unfair trial in many different ways."

O'Hagan requested to be tried by judge alone.