Radisson, Sask. uses social media to fight flooding

Volunteers in Radisson rallied through Facebook last night to save a house from flooding.

Volunteers respond to call for help on town Facebook page

Radisson is using Facebook to get people and sandbags to where they're needed. ((CBC))

People in Radisson are using social media to keep flood waters from destroying their town.

The town's Facebook page is proving to be an invaluable tool for marshalling volunteers at crisis points – no more so than last night.

Michelle Nelson is the page administrator. She said that at about 9:45 p.m. CST she took a call on the 24-hour emergency line in the town office. Water was rising near Highway 16 and a house was in imminent danger of getting drowned.

She told CBC that she put a call for volunteers on the Facebook page, and then canvassed a few nearby homes for help.

There were 20 vehicles and 30 people stacking sandbags, she said. They were able to buttress the house with 400 sandbags and keep the water away.

She's blown away by the impact of social media.

"It puts a whole new light on how useful it is, to get an emergency response like that," Nelson said.

"It makes it less a form of entertainment."

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