A quiet Saskatoon cul-du-sac is in shock after the death of a three year old boy.

On Sunday night, Kreestyn Bear collided with a trailer being pulled by a truck.

The child was riding a bike with training wheels.

Kreestyn's mother, Breanna Shier, wept on her front step, surrounded by family members.

"He was just three years old," she said. "He was just out riding his bike like any other day."

Neighbours say the accident was a complete shock.

"Ambulance got here in about 7 to 10 minutes," said neighbour Aaron Cruz. "I didn't know what happened to the boy, but I'm pretty sure that since the ambulance didn't leave the area, we were expecting the worst."

Cruz says his wife was one of the first people on the scene. He doesn't believe the driver had any idea what was going on.

"He didn't even see what was going on," he said. "He came out of his vehicle saying, 'What did I do? What happened? What's going on?' He didn't even know what happened. And it was after that, chaos broke out."

Other neighbours say the incident has made them think twice about their own children's safety.

"I have a three and a half year old, so I'm scared now to leave her, you know, outside and play," said neighbour Gabriella Rosos. "Because, sometimes she bikes around out here in the driveway, so I probably need to keep a better eye on her." 

Safety Tips

Saskatoon's M.D. Ambulance says the best advice for parents is to try and educate their children on road safety as much as possible.

"We need to make sure that our children are aware of the risks of the environment where they're riding," said Andrew Williamson, Director of Operations at M.D. Ambulance. "That's where the bike path ends, how close that is to the crosswalk."

Williamson says even young children can benefit from a quick safety lesson.

"Three year olds know they're not allowed to touch this, or they're not allowed to touch that," he said. "They can easily have that discussion with the parent, to know what are the okays and what are the not okays to do." 

According to police, the three year old entered into the road and hit the trailer.