Some familiar art out on the streets of Saskatoon will vanish in the coming weeks, to be replaced with new public works throughout the city.

The city’s Visual Arts Placement Jury has approved the removal of 14 works of art from Riversdale, Broadway Avenue and downtown.

Some of the art, like “Buskers” on Broadway Avenue have come to feel like an iconic part of the neighbourhood. 

The art, however, has always been considered temporary, and Saskatoon’s Placemaker Program has a mandate to offer local, provincial and national an opportunity to have their work displayed in some of the city’s most prominent locations.  

Replay the Saskatoon Morning live chat about public art. 

Which artworks are being removed?

In Riversdale:

  • Winged Ascent
  • Stoic Dignity
  • Mediator
  • Maize

From Downtown:

  • Pinnacle IX - Song of Ancients 
  • Head
  • Walk in Beauty
  • Arabesque
  • Aphrodite
  • Sacrarium
  • ​Play

From Broadway:

  • Buskers
  • Queen
  • Sentinel